Price list for NAYADA's powder coating services

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The cost of powder coating service includes loading unloading, standard surface treatment (phosphatizing and/or degreasing) and packaging.

We select colors according to the RAL scale or use non-standard colors. Delivery is also possible.

We provide 3-year warranty for our powder coating services.

I. Calculation of flat items' cost

Order value The cost of 1m2,
including the cost of powder paint
by using RAL colors,
The cost of 1m2
excepting the cost of powder paint,
The cost of 1m2
including the cost of Antique powder paint,
from 1 to 101 sq. m 171 141 180
from 101 to 500 sq. m 159 135 165
from 500 to 1000 sq. m 144 129 156
from 1000 to 5000 sq. m 132 108 147
from 5000 to 10000 sq. m 117 99 126

Note: By calculation of the cost of painting of an assembled product or a product with a complicated configuration the total area of the item is calculated as the sum of areas of its elements.

II. The calculation of profile's and long components' cost

Item perimeter The cost of 1 linear meter
including the cost of paint,
The cost of 1 linear meter
excluding the cost of paint,
Up to 150 mm 21 -15%
from 151 to 180 mm 24-33 -15%
from 181 to 250 mm 36-51 -15%
from 251 to 300 mm 54-57 -15%
from 301 to 400 mm 60-63 -15%
From 400 mm from 66 -15%

III. Piece-goods and undersized products

Size The cost of painting of 1 item including the cost of paint,
Piece-goods and undersized products (up to 50 cm) from 7,5 depending on quantity and the type of paint
Rivets and heads of make and female screws, and bolts (in quantities of 3000 items) from 0,6
Standard metal door (the size of a panel: 2000 х 900 mm) with a frame on both sides, RAL/ANTIQUE 1000 / 1450
Grids (1 sq. m. on both sides) 171,00
Making samples, for one piece 300,00

IV. Wheel disks

Automobile wheel discs (price for for one disc including sandblasting) for all sizes up to 16 from 1110 rub
Automobile wheel discs (price for for one disc including full treatment and sandblasting) for sizes 16-20 from 1390 rub
Automobile wheel discs (price for for one disc including full treatment and sandblasting) for sizes 16-22 from 1790 rub

V. Sandblasting

Sandblasting of one disc or one item (without painting) from 500 rub

Forms for powder coating:



The following extras are possible by calculating the cost of a request:

  • Price-for-weight differential – 50% (if the a product weighs from 50 to 100 kg) or 100% (if a product weighs more than 100 kg) or 150% (the weight is more than 150 kg).
  • Extra charge for pressure adhesive tape packaging – 10% of the total price including the cost of paint
  • Extra charge for changing the color – 20% (NO WARRANTY is provided in this case)
  • Extra charge for urgency (executing work within 24 hours) - 50%
  • Extra charge for urgency (executing a work 24 hours later) - 30%
  • Extra charge for mechanical surface treatment - 30%
  • Cutting an equal profile – 10rub/cut
  • Treating surface in the sandblasting camera - from 300 rub
  • Creating a shagreen effect - 5%
  • Holemaking – 5%
  • Lacquer finishing of any surface - 45 % of the total cost of painting
  • Extra charge for painting one item in two colors - 100 %
  • Extra charge for masking – 10%
  • Extra charge for undercoat - 40 %
  • Extra charge for zinc-containing undercoat - 80 %
  • Extra charge for sandblasting of discs with galvanic coating(chrome and nickel) – 100%

The minimal cost of complex order equals to the cost of one production cycle. From the 1st of March, 2007 the cost of a cycle amounts to 2000 rubles

Long-length items (length: 4,0-6,2 linear meters). The cost of a production cycle amounts to 7450 rubles. The minimal cost of a production cycle for items less than 4,0 linear meters long remains the same - 2000 rubles.

Accepting and issuing orders: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Issuing orders on the weekend is carried out on prior agreement. We do not accept orders on holidays and weekends.

In addition:

  • In case of non-standard orders the price is calculated on an individual basis.
  • Usually an order is executed within 3 days from the moment of accepting the order.
  • If the product area is less than 100 linear meters, the price is calculated according to the number of production cycles taken for applying a powder coating.

To learn more on prices and services call:
(495) 740-66-16;
(903) 130-90-59 (on a 24 hour basis)
or write to
General manager of OOO NAYADA-Industrial
Suvaryan Arutyun Rafikivich

You can download the full price list in Microsoft Excel:




Providing the constant cooperation and specified volumes we are ready to offer our clients working according to the scheme of special prices assigned to each client.


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