Powder coating (painting) from NAYADA

NAYADA company disposes the most up-to-date high efficiency ITW GEMA equipment (Switzerland) considered to be the best on the powder coating applying equipment market. Thus it conforms to the highest technological standards.

We offer

  • Services on applying powder coating of any color according to RAL to metal constructions. We use powder coatings only of the well-known and well-proven producers.
  • Services on powder coating of wheel discs, as well as automobile, motorcycle and scooter parts.

We guarantee

  • High-quality powder coating of metalware: profile, metal sheet, etc. as well as non-standard items of any configuration;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Free of charge packaging of products;
  • If needed we can deliver finished products (from 100 m²);
  • 3-year guarantee

We provide

  • A complete cycle of surface treatment before applying powder coating: degreasing, phosphatizing with zinc salt, rinsing with non-mineralized water and and finally drying.
  • Application of high-quality powder coating (painting) on metal surfaces 6200 mm (L) x 2000 mm (H) x 600 mm(W) in cameras of automatic or manual coating produced by “ITW GEMA
  • Accurate observance of dates, high level of servicing
Driving directions

Our address:

Moscow, Besedy village,
tel/fax: (495) 740-66-16 ext. 4017, 4077, 4016,
(903) 130-90-59 24 hours a day