Powder coating

Powder coating is a technology allowing to receive high quality decorative and protective polymeric coatings with characteristics, which cannot be achieved by applying liquid paint. Thanks to its superb qualities, powder coatings represent a high-quality alternative to traditional coatings.

Application area: facade elements, window profiles, roofing materials, office and garden furniture, furniture accessories, office partitions, metal transformers, wheel discs, control panels and mirrors, radiators, refrigerators, in-store equipment (racks, counters), household appliances, sports equipment, toys, etc. A large number of factors counts in favor of using powder coatings.

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Our company offers a three-year guarantee for powder coating services.

We have chosen 10 crucial advantages of powder coatings to demonstrate them to you:

  • resistance to chemicals, gasoline, UV radiation.
  • resistance to abrasion and crash-worthiness
  • resistance to temperature difference
  • ability to apply coating in thick layers without curtaining or flow-outs
  • reliable protection from concealed corners and edges
  • extremely good covering quality by applying only one layer without preliminary padding
  • decorative coating of high quality applied in only one layer
  • superb thermal insulation coating: it makes metal surface look like plastic one
  • a wide range of colors and decorative effects
  • opportunity of reusage (recuperation) of the powder


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