Powder coating: colorful life with NAYADA

Great demand for high-quality powder coating has been proved by NAYADA's working experience. The major business of NAYADA parent company is producing office partitions.

Among the company clients are the largest foreign and national companies, which are aware of what a high-quality surface is. After launching production in Russia in 1998 we encountered a serious problem: there were no coatings on the market and no production facilities able to satisfy high requirements of the company. After we had analyzed the results of work with existing suppliers in order to raise the quality of products, responsiveness, and insistency it became obvious that with the existing technology, equipment and approach the powder coating business would be actual not only by NAYADA company but also by other production companies, which value quality and quality-price ratio in particular.

One of the main criteria for choosing equipment and technologies was top quality. In order to facilitate the crucial production stages we chose equipment produced by Swiss company GEMA, the world leader in this sphere. Despite this equipment being the most expensive product on the market with the given characteristics, we decided upon high quality and performance. The other important parameter was the process of surface treatment. Among our requirements was provision of the maximum possible adhesion and at the same time environmental friendliness of production. And this goal was achieved. The third actual parameter was work effectiveness directly connected with convenient location.

The complex is situated near Moscow Ring Road. Our specialists are ready to discuss individual price terms, organize delivery of products and give professional recommendations on choosing color and surface treatment method.

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